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About Us

How we are helping

We are raising money to help fight against homelessness. With the power of rap and hip-hop music. by donations of money or music to be sold on platforms like Itunes. 


Are goal is to raise money and donate it to other well established Non profits. Like the Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity. In hopes to create  long lasting partnerships that will make for an even stronger organization. 


For 2018 we plan on putting together a mix tape/album witch will consist of 8-10 tracks of different artists. We are trying to raise 30,000 dollars for the project there is a fundraiser on Facebook till June 1st. 

Sponsors And supporters

potential corporate sponsors

Advertising Ideas

We have a unique organization with a unique advertising approach. As you know music is used for our fundraisers. and with that we can advertise in some interesting ways. One is when the song is featured on the radio we can say this song was sponsored by"xxxx". Or say a line on the track. Another way is by doing a advertising segment in a music video. I would like to take a few tracks from the album and do this. Of course social media we have over 2500 likes on Facebook and we are growing everyday. I would also like to produce Youtube videos for our sponsors as well. Plus advertising on our website.

An Open Minded Approach

Our organization is new to the Nonprofit world. We are learning every minute, if you are thinking of sponsoring us. we would love to know more about your advertising techniques. To help meet your demand in a competitive market, with different visibility stratigies.  

small business sponsorships /////////////

Additional Information

BRONZE:  Link and logo exchange

SILVER:  At $3.50 daily A facebook ad will run for one month and cost(105.00 estimate) Total people reached will be 450 - 1200

GOLD:  At $17.50 daily a facebook ad will run for two weeks and cost(245.00 estimate) Total people reached will be 1,300-3,400

PLATINUM:  At $87.50 daily a facebook a will run for one week and cost (612.50 estimate) Total people reached will be 2,800-7400

Written Acknowledgment
A donor cannot claim a tax deduction for any single contribution of $250 or more unless
the donor obtains a contemporaneous, written acknowledgment of the contribution from
the recipient organization. An organization that does not acknowledge a contribution
incurs no penalty; but, without a written acknowledgment, the donor cannot claim the tax
deduction. Although it’s a donor’s responsibility to obtain a written acknowledgment, an
organization can assist a donor by providing a timely, written statement containing:
1. the name of organization
2. the amount of cash contribution
3. a description (but not the value) of non-cash contribution
4. a statement that no goods or services were provided by the organization in return for the
contribution, if that was the case
5. a description and good faith estimate of the value of goods or services, if any, that an
organization provided in return for the contribution

If interested in becoming a sponsor send us an email !

Causes of homelessness

Domestic Violence

  Battered women who live in poverty are often forced to choose between  abusive relationships and homelessness. In addition, 50% of the cities  surveyed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors identified domestic violence  as a primary cause of homelessness (U.S. Conference of Mayors, 2005). 

Mental Illness

 Approximately 16% of the single adult homeless population suffers from  some form of severe and persistent mental illness (U.S. Conference of  Mayors, 2005). 


 The relationship between addiction and homelessness is complex and  controversial. Many people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs never  become homeless, but people who are poor and addicted are clearly at  increased risk of homelessness. 

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