The Homeless


    • Poverty
    • Unemployment
    • Lack of affordable housing.
    • Poor physical or mental health.
    • Drug and alcohol abuse.
    • Gambling.
    • Family and relationship breakdown
    • Domestic violence


As we all know homelessness is cause by a lot of different reasons. Rappin For A Reason,INC. has a goal to help these unique families and individuals out. our first approach is get prepaid debit cards similar to a food share card but they will be able to by clothing as well. We know that this is not a fix to the solution by it is a start.. Each homeless family or person has there own unique story on why they are in this situation. Our organizations long term goals are to have 3-6 counselors in heavy homeless areas like skid row in  Los Angeles or in Chicago areas. To have help these people with there specific needs and to help get them back on there feet. Rappin For A Reason,INC. would like to invest in real estate for housing units as well.