About Us

Our Approach

I will be honest when I first put this thing together I struggled… trying to figure out a good program to help these homeless people. I wanted something simple but helpful. So this Is what I came up with, our goal is to raise money to get prepaid debit cards to theses people for food,clothing and shelter.It will be similar to a food share card but they will be able to also get clothing and a place to stay, like a room for the night. I know it is not a fix to the solution but My vision is to give them a kick start to rebuilding there live maybe these card will help do just that. Our main fund raiser is to get artists from all over the county to donate tracks for one of our mix tape albums. I think it is a win win for the artists they are linked to a great cause and I help get there name out. I think There is a lot of different ways to get advertising and to promote music by getting it donated to my organization. But the music still has to be good, you gotta have the voice for it even though your spittin’ raps you gotta sound good and have a tight beat. We get a lot of new and up and coming artist wanting to donate music and I think it is great. it is An awesome  opportunity for the artist to get discovered and for the organization as a whole.

Our Story

Well as you already know I have a love for helping people and a love for rap and hip hop music. So this is how it  happened, I was in one of my lets say how can I make my life better moods and on the way to work I drove by a homeless person hang out (a park outside the salvation army) and thought that must be a rough life. How did they get to that point? what happened? I felt a little guilty I have lived pretty good and had a good family to lean on. Don’t ask how but right then and there Rappin For A Reason,INC. was born.

Meet The Founder/ CEO/Luke Christensen


Hi I’m Luke, just an entrepreneur looking to help make a  difference.  In the process help some artists get noticed and put out some pretty good music! I guess you can say I’m a little bit of every thing. Kind of city and kind of country but either way my passion is helping people and rap and hip hop music. Soooooo Boom!! I created Rappin For A Reason,INC.

                                                                                                                HOW TO DONATE MUSIC

We are taking music submissions through our email rappinout@gmail.com. But first we would like to hear your music (send link on messenger) and see your profile page I like for all artists to be set up with a fan page and have there music on Itunes and other platforms we look for serious artists. The goal for the artist is to have every thing in order so when our album takes off the fans can go and buy your other music.

                                                                                          How We Are Promoting

We are just starting out and figuring it out so, I thought that I would get the album together so I had something to work with. then try to get what I can donated to the organization for promotions and advertising one way is to get PSA’s (public service announcements) on the radio. Another thing is we are a 501c3 status organization so that means the cost of another businesses services that are donated are tax deductible so that is a plus on our side. if you would take the time to work with me I will work with you thanks for your interest and support !!!